Electricity is one of the most volatile commodities in the world. It cannot be stored and its price is a function of supply and demand. All points in the electrical grid system must be in balance at all times, from Generation to Transmission to Distribution to End User Consumption. Our experts understand the complexities of electricity and we keep our consulting approach simple and straightforward. Whether your monthly electrical expenses are $1000 or $10,000,000 we can help your business purchase electricity effectively.

Core Services

Energy Procurement & Rate Reduction Strategies

We have many proven and unique tactics to help reduce your energy rates including, but not limited to, highly effective and measurable energy rate reduction negotiations, group discount purchases, trigger price acquisitions, average rate reduction programs, and the experience necessary to determine key buying opportunities.

Energy Alignment Report

This brief executive overview will determine the “best-fit” energy contract (or product) that will align with your unique business goals and expense management objectives.

Custom Load Data Analysis

We process, analyze and report your unique load data (historical energy usage) for each site location. Your unique load data tells the “story” about how your business uses its energy and influences our energy product recommendations.

Price and Risk Analysis

We evaluate the past, present and future energy prices as posted in the forward or future energy markets. This helps to clearly illustrate the impact energy prices have on your business expenses, which is necessary for developing price risk mitigation strategies.

Current Energy Contract (or Product) Review

We examine your existing electricity and natural gas supply arrangements, whether you have currently selected a competitive energy retailer or whether you are on the existing default, regulated or utility rate systems. We can help you fully understand all of your procurement options with the goal of acquiring the lowest possible energy rates.

Contractual Negotiations

The terms and conditions of an energy contract are of paramount importance when purchasing energy; these clauses affect your energy price, administration fees, termination rights, transfer rights, and ultimately the level of energy protection your business will have.

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