The world has changed substantially in the past three years and the rules for success in the new global energy economy have been rewritten. Business sustainability means better business practices, faster exchange of information and the creation of value as defined by customers. We must embrace change today so we are prepared for the challenges tomorrow.


Energy Engine shall be responsible for managing the purchase of every unit of energy for every business across Canada.


Our mission is to provide every business with maximum protection and greatest overall value for their energy investment by independently advocating for:

  • The lowest electricity rates in the market at any point in time.
  • The lowest natural gas rates in the market at any point in time.
  • The most favourable energy contractual terms and conditions.
  • The highest level of service delivery.

Fair Energy Purchasing Ethical Code of Conduct

Energy Engine is committed to the highest standards of business excellence, professional integrity and fair competition.

Commitment to Our People:

  • We shall respect the individual and be accountable for our actions and inactions in all circumstances.
  • Our environment shall foster personal and professional growth by endorsing positive work – life balance.
  • We shall act with honesty and moral integrity in every business and personal situation we encounter.

Commitment to Our Customers:

  • We shall demonstrate ethical leadership and maintain our independent advocacy.
  • We shall make recommendations that are solely in the best interests of our business customers.
  • We shall disclose any and all information that may pose a conflict of interest to any of our customers.

Commitment to Our Suppliers:

  • We shall treat all suppliers fairly and equitably.
  • We shall base our recommendations on the supplier’s total overall value as defined by the energy rates, contract quality, and service offering collectively.
  • We shall take special care when having discussions with competing suppliers to avoid the appearance of impropriety.
  • We shall not make false statements about any supplier’s energy products, services or business strategy.
  • We shall agree to maintain adequate levels of privacy, confidentiality and security of your proprietary business information.

Commitment to Our Communities:

  • We shall aim to increase awareness of energy deregulation and energy procurement issues to all stakeholders in the community at large.
  • We shall respect the rules and regulations of energy deregulation as prescribed by our governments.
  • We shall endorse and advocate for the principles outlined in the Fair Trading Act.
  • We shall cooperate with the efforts of all energy advocacy groups who collectively wish to advance the general population’s understanding of energy deregulation and procurement intricacies.

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