Q: What is Energy Engine?

A: We are an energy management firm that specializes in reducing electricity and natural gas rates for businesses.

Q: Who are Energy Engine customers?

A: We provide our rate reduction services for a wide variety of small, medium, and large businesses, ranging from the local car wash to a national chain of retail stores and everything in between. We service governments, municipalities, and not-for-profit groups. We also specialize in trade and industry association programs that increase membership value by delivering energy price discounts based on aggregate group participation.

Q: Where does Energy Engine provide service?

A: Canada only. We can represent business customers generally in the following provinces where energy deregulation is permitted. Our corporate head office is strategically located in Edmonton, Alberta, which is the heart of the Canadian energy economy.
BC – natural gas only
AB – electricity and natural gas
SK – natural gas only
ON – electricity and natural gas

Q: Can Energy Engine coordinate a floating market-price energy agreement for my business? Or does it just provide fixed pricing?

A: We coordinate both types of agreements and align the most appropriate one with your business goals. A floating market-price agreement is an energy agreement that continually changes pricing either hourly, daily or monthly. This agreement does not offer fixed or secure price protection. What many businesses still don’t know is that there may be cost savings opportunities even with floating market-price energy agreements.

Q: Can I get your services for my home?

A: Yes & No. Energy Engine only services business customers but it has an affiliated company called Utility Savings Pool™ that specializes in utility rate reduction services specifically for families and residential homes.

Q: Are there any upfront costs to my business if I want to use Energy Engine’s services?

A: No.There are no upfront costs.

Q: Do I have to pay Energy Engine to receive special or discount pricing quotes?

A: No. As a group of experienced energy professionals, we are confident in our abilities to deliver the best possible value for your energy investment. Even after we present your business with our negotiated discount energy rates for consideration, you are not obligated in anyway whatsoever to accept the discount energy rates.

Q: What if my business is currently in a fixed price energy contract?

A: We feel you should honor your existing agreement and we do not endorse the cancellation of the agreement to use our services. However, we recommend that you still meet with us so you are fully prepared to lower your energy expenses in the future. Knowledge is power.

Q: Is Energy Engine a utility company, energy retailer, energy marketer, energy supplier, energy producer or affiliated in any way with the aforementioned?

A: No. We are completely independent and have no direct or indirect affiliations with any third parties.

Q: Do you guarantee a cost savings?

A: No. In the world of energy, nothing is guaranteed, except volatility. However, we can offer a potentially immense savings opportunity. Suppliers generally have a high variance in the energy rates they are prepared to offer your business, so when comparing the lowest price to the highest price we have identified a real and tangible savings opportunity for your business.

Q: How is Energy Engine different from other “energy consultants”?

A: The term “energy consultant” is a vague term within the industry and many offer a wide range of energy related services including historical billing audits, environmental assessments, and engineering solutions (metering hardware, HVAC, boilers, lighting solutions, etc). Energy rate reduction is often not a service they offer and if they do it is generally not their core focus. With Energy Engine, purchasing energy effectively is what we know and all we do, and we can help protect your organization and reduce your energy rates.

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