Hello, my name is Michael and I wanted to thank you for taking a moment to learn how your business can benefit from the professional experience of Energy Engine.

Our primary goal is simple: it’s to reduce your electricity and natural gas rates and deliver the best value for your energy investment. We help businesses procure energy with clarity.

Many businesses continue to be frustrated by the complexities of energy deregulation, but the reality is that high price volatility on the open market is here to stay and rising energy bills will continue to unnecessarily erode hard-earned profits.

Unfortunately, smart energy purchasing is commonly one of the most overlooked and least-understood business activities. Given the impact that smart energy purchasing can have on your bottom-line, it should be one of the most important objectives of your business today and into the future.

Every business has some form of an energy purchasing strategy whether they realize it or not. One example is the business that purchases energy from a single energy marketer via roaming salesperson or cold call. Another example is the business that sticks with the status quo and does nothing, because doing nothing is the easiest decision to make. Businesses who follow these strategies forego opportunities to receive competitive offers and potentially far better pricing from many other qualified energy retailers. If you are one of these businesses you miss opportunities to save real and substantial dollars.

Our rate reduction strategies are unique for every single customer. One size does not fit all. An example of one of our many effective strategies is wholesale energy aggregation – a process whereby we bring high supply volume opportunities to our supply partners and they intensely compete for our business by offering discount pricing. This leads to lower energy prices for our clients.

Where others simply shop for or collect a price, we negotiate for the lowest price and for the most favorable energy contractual terms and conditions. We actually understand all the contract fine print and how your business can vulnerable to changes in market conditions. Energy purchasing is what we know and all we do, and we can help protect your organization.

Energy Engine is performance driven and what make us different are the following three cornerstones unique to our business:

  1. Independent Advocacy
    We have unmatched procurement expertise with inside industry knowledge;
  2. Marketplace Objectivity
    We represent your business and are not affiliated with any of the energy retailers, suppliers or utility companies;
  3. Savings Potential
    We help you save when comparing offers from many qualified energy supply partners.

As a result of the above strengths, we give you the choice, diversity and means to achieve the best possible energy purchasing platform that aligns with your businesses specific goals. Our proactive approach to energy purchasing means protection and peace of mind. Remember, we are not a utility company – their rates are regulated. We are not a large, publicly traded energy marketer – they set their own unregulated rates to make a profit. And we are certainly not your typical energy consulting company that focuses on simply “shopping the market” or collecting a price.

What we are is a client-focused, energy procurement consulting company that is independent and exists solely to give your business every possible advantage to reduce its electricity and natural gas rates. Think of Energy Engine as your very own energy procurement department, but without the overhead costs.

The new focus in our global economy is operational cost reduction and sustainability. Now is the time for your business to get immediate results. You can review the lowest rates in the marketplace with no obligation, no risk and no upfront cost; only the opportunity to benefit from price stability and a savings potential.

Engage Energy Engine today and get the lowest electricity and natural gas rates possible.

Thank you and together, let’s keep Alberta and Canada strong.

Michael Yurechuk, BCOM, MBA

President & Chief Executive Officer

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